Huber Addresses Shift From Heroin To Meth In Chautauqua County

JAMESTOWN-An increase in heroin overdoses throughout Western New York possibly caused a recent increase in methamphetamine activity around the county per Rick Huber, Director of Mental Health Association’s New Program Development.

Huber told WNYNewsNow Friday he’s surprised Chautauqua County has avoided the extremely potent heroin from Buffalo thus far. He said methamphetamine could be on the rise, however, because of the fear of heroin usage.

“It’s odd it (potent heroin) hasn’t reached down here,” Huber said. “Meth is on the rise, and maybe some of the heroin users are afraid and turn to meth.”

Huber, however, acknowledged there’s still a heroin overdose crisis in the community. He said potential methadone clinics in Dunkirk and Jamestown could open the eyes of those who aren’t recognizing the epidemic.

“We need to have every possible treatment option that we can to stop the overdose,” Huber said. “The treatment and knowledge could be a plus of the methadone clinics, for lack of a better word.”


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