WATCH: Equifax Hack; What You Need To Know

JAMESTOWN- Officials say hundreds of millions of Americans may be impacted by the hack on Equifax.

According to Equifax. The breach lasted from mid-May through July. Thieves stole names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers.

Hackers also got more than 200,000 credit card numbers and others documents containing personally identifying information.

If a cyber-criminal maxed out a credit in your name, it’s going to be tough passing a credit check.

So what can you do? First, freeze your credit! It can be a pain because you’ll have to unfreeze it every time someone needs to run a credit check on you.

Credit counselors say regular credit monitoring is important.

Online resources -including the identity theft resource center – provide excellent tools to discover how to defend yourself against identify theft.


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