Facebook Tops Most Downloaded Apps Of All Time

July 7, 2018 News Staff 0

i-Phone’s most downloaded app of all time is Facebook. Market research firm App-annie compiled the list this week. In second place is Facebook messenger, followed by You-Tube, Instagram and the What’s App. Google Maps, Snapchat


iPhone To Share Location Data With 911

June 18, 2018 News Staff 0

CUPERTINO, Ca – iPhone’s will soon be able to share your exact location data with 911. Apple, along with start-up company Rapid S.O.S., will be able to calculate a caller’s location based on data collected from


Net Neutrality Coming To An End

June 11, 2018 News Staff 0

WASHINGTON  – What’s known as the Net Neutrality rule is officially going out the window today. Net Neutrality means that internet providers have to treat everyone online equally. In other words: no speeding up, slowing down


Net Neutrality Rules Will Officially End April 23

February 24, 2018 CNN 0

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The end of net neutrality is officially set to come this spring. The Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality is scheduled to take effect on April 23, according to a copy