Police Progress Report: Metro Drug Task Force Releases Drug Seizure Numbers

JAMESTOWN-Heroin continues to be the most prevalent drug-sized by the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force according to Police Chief Harry Snellings who Wednesday released drug seizure data dating back to 2012.

Snellings tells WNY News Now that even though heroin is the most prevalent drug found there is a significant rise in methamphetamine along with powder cocaine. 

According to police 47 raids were conducted in 2012, 54 in 2013, 76 in 2014, 86 in 2015, and 80 in 2016 (see data below).

Drug Enforcement Unit/Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force

2012 (as of March 29th)

Search Warrants 47

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine 19.5 ounces

Heroin 119 bags

Marijuana 31 Pounds

Methamphetamine 14 grams

Prescription Pills 77 Dosage Units

Asset Forfeiture (Cash) $49,000


Search Warrants 54

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine 13.76 ounces

Heroin 826 bags

Marijuana 19.32 ounces

Methamphetamine 4.03 ounces

Prescription Pills 51.5 Dosage Units

Fentanyl 18 Strips

Asset Forfeiture (Cash) $16,700


Search Warrants 76

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine 15.63 ounces

Heroin 5,110 bags (18.025 ounces)

Marijuana 121.02 ounces

Methamphetamine 8.053 ounces

Prescription Pills 346 Dosage Units

Fentanyl 27 bags and 9 patches

Asset Forfeiture (Cash) $86,396


Search Warrants 86

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine 32.8 ounces (2.05 pounds)

Heroin 31.6 ounces (1.975 pounds)

Marijuana 8.18 kilos (18 pounds)

Methamphetamine 32.66 ounces (2.04 pounds)

Asset Forfeiture (Cash) $61,143


Search Warrants 80

Cocaine/Crack Cocaine 9.5 kilos (20.9 pounds)

Heroin 1,100 bags (3.8 ounces)

Raw Heroin 20 grams (0.705 ounces)

Marijuana 34.09 kilos (75 pounds)

Methamphetamine 4.9 kilos (10.78 pounds)

Asset Forfeiture (Cash) $150,625

Firearms 11



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