Spectrum Cable Set To Drop 23 Channels

JAMESTOWN-Cable giant Spectrum will drop 23 cable networks according to parent company Viacom.

These networks include: MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, VH1, BET, CMT, Spike, Nick Jr., TV Land, Logo, MTV2, Nicktoons, TeenNick, MTV Classic, NickMusic, MTV Live, BET Her, CMT Music, BET Jams, Tr3s, BET Soul, Nick 2 and MTVU.

Spectrum says Viacom is trying to overcharge for its programming and channels.

Viacom says it has made several offers, but so far has not been able to meet the conditions Spectrum has proposed.

The contract between Viacom and Spectrum’s parent company Charter Communications expires at midnight.




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  1. I am paying based upon an agreed upon level of service that you now are changing / downgrading. Unbelievable ! Like my buying a car from you then upon delivery, you decide to give me a different model– one with a lot fewer features that I wanted. Non ethical and should be illegal. If you do this, I may reluctantly need to look elsewhere, as I watch some of these channels. Reduce the service, then reduce the price !

    • Completely disorganized incompetent company. They do not train their technicle staff.
      Spoke to Linda today. Guess she did not know how to fix my issue so she just sent me to another department after 20 minutes. Then I had to start the procedure over with another trainee. Plenty of wasted time. Thankfully I’m retired! Would love to switch. Want Verizon!

    • If Spectrum drops these important channels then I will be go to Frontier, I think its about time for others to follow. I pay a fortune and if I cannot have the channels I want then I do not want Spectrum. They forget they are not the only game in town.

  2. Spectrum should not let these channels go. Many of us have cable because our children watch these channels. I am sure spectrum can work out some sort of compromise. They will loose many customers. What is next Spectrum? You raised our rates and now dropping channels. Our monthly bill better go down significantly

  3. THE worst cable company I’ve ever heard of or used. I just moved here from NJ and did not the appearance or experience. You will never gain a review from me that is actually a good statement. Hope you guys go out of business

    • If you think their service is bad try working for them! Charter used to be a good company until Tom Rutledge took over. He doesn’t care about customers or employees.

  4. I remember when they took over Time Warner vowing more channels for less money. All customers are yet to see that happen. You can bet that when they drop the Viacom channels they’ll still want the same amount for their monthly service. Spectrum is a scam and a joke. And they wonder why more & more customers are ditching cable services. If they don’t work out a deal with Viacom to keep those channels then they’ll be hit hard by customers who drop their cable service. Too many of us are already on the verge of dropping them and this would seal their fate for us. Thanks for absolutely nothing Spectrum!!

  5. we just had to lower our bill, because of the raise in prices…then now this, makes us want to drop cable all-to-gether. we have been with charter a long time. We are looking to go the web for better sevice for a lot lease.

  6. I was with time warner cable for years and had no problems until Spectrum came in and ruined everything. My bill went up and my service always freezes. Now they dropped channels that my children enjoy! Then to make matters worse my bill is the same amount but you want me to pay for service? Spectrum sucks! They are a rip off! I am currently looking into different cable companies. They wont keep beating me upside my head with their antics! #SPECTRUM SUCKS!!!!

  7. I am thinking about having spectrum gold put in, now i hear they are dropping 23 channels ,
    What are they ?? I need to know before first of year.

  8. I am thinking about having spectrum gold put in, now i hear they are dropping 23 channels ,
    What are they ?? I need to know before first of year.listen i have not made this comment before .i want an answer now or go with someone else.

  9. I have had cable tv since 1974 and each time it’s bought out it gets more pricey and worse service but this takes the cake My grandchild watches the channels you are removing now. It was bad enough when you took off GRIT and Syracuse channels now this. It’s time for me and my entire family to change providers

  10. So it’s been 3 months now and these channels still have not returned. Are you really trying to negotiate pricing or just decided to leave us with downgraded service?

    • Well…..i was going to go with spectrum …..even talked to lady by phone last week.
      Now after checking into spectrum with you doing away with many channels without any respect
      To your subcribers and very low customer service i am going in another direction with direct tv or dish .also time warner does not interest me at all hopefully you will have a better year.

  11. This is not the first time Spectrum has done this to me. Happened two years ago. They started dropping channels on me so I dropped them and went with a different solution with better results. Moved in with my girlfriend 3 weeks ago and she wanted cable. She has no patience to work with anything else. Now this happens to me again and I am livid. Many have posted they agreed to X amount of dollars for X amount of service. Which that is how the world works. When I spoke to spectrum they replied you are not in a contract. That is not relevant!!!! Contracts have nothing to do with do it!! If you are going to take 23 away from X service then that needs to = X dollars we agreed upon – 23. That simple! Not only did they change it they didn’t tell anyone. But I spoke to Spectrum and they just want more money for X+23. So unethical I can’t believe some DA isn’t charging them. So I am dropping Spectrum again and for good. No repdemption for them this time,

    • Well i just took out spectrum . Installed monday jan.8 2018. Installer forgot to tell us how to record . I called this morning jan.11 2018 ,talked to a jerk who talked 200 miles an hour . I kept trying to stop him ,but guess what ? He never heard a word i said finally i had to holler before he would stop, then he kept going for another 10 seconds.ha ha .i finally asked him to send a tec. By .?..he let me know it will cost me $39.00 . With the first tec not telling me how to record .funny .i told him to send a tec tomorrow and if he charges me i will call cooperate office about problem.if they are not any better BY SPECTRUM.THE ONLY REASON I WENT WITH SPECTRUM IS DIRECT TV ONLY USES CELL PHONE HOOK UP.


  13. what a bunch bull talking about fox channel being nyaking off. company that owes the channel said they would leave the channnel on as they continue to talk but spectrum said they are pulling it off. i belive them cause spectrum are a bunch of lieres.

  14. Spectrum istands to lose a multitude of customers. To cancel Fox is no small thing. Many tv programs and sports will be unavailable. And if they end up reaching an agreement and have to pay more, we all know what will happen, our rates will rise again! Call Spectrum and they blame Northwest. Contact Northwest and they say it is Spectrum, which I believe is the case. Time to talk seriously with Dish or look into other ways to get tv programming. There are many out there, so Spectrum best rethink their game plan. Hey Spectrum…pride goes before a fall!!!

  15. This is completely false. The channels Spectrum are dropping are the Spanish versions of channels along with a couple of the useless ones that were supposed to be educational but weren’t. After the changes I will still be getting all the channels this article claims Spectrum is removing. The biggest change will be that starting September 25th every TV will have to have a cable box in order to receive channels.

  16. I have a granddaughter who comes several times a month and stay with me. She watches Nickelodeon, Nick toons, and other Nickelodeon channels. What are you going to do to give me the same type of channels that my granddaughter likes? This is going to be a big disappointment to her and frustration to me if these channels are not available to her.

    • If you are taking 23 channels off are you 1.going to add 23
      Channels of a different line .2. I was promised these channels now you are taking away , are you going to lower my
      Bill ??? 3. Should I look for another server ???

  17. I pay a lot of money for half assed service. The channels at times seem to freeze and get pixelated. I like local news channels and my sport teams are shown on these channels. So you want us to pay more for less crappy channels and you want us to purchase the sport channels? It’s bad enough you forced everyone to pay to watch TV and you manipulate the prices, now you want to take away channels that a lot of people rely on.

  18. Either you get this corrected or I am dropping SPECTRUM. You get paid by us a big junk of momey and keep giving us less to watch but garbage programs remember you are are but a big antenna. One pissed off customer.

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