Police: Trio Faces Felony Charges After Entering Home With Shotgun

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JAMESTOWN – A man wielding a shotgun broke into a home early Thursday morning and tried to hide from police by draping a shower curtain over his body in the bathroom, according to a JPD media release.

The call came in as a possible home invasion shortly before 5:30, at 504 W. 6th St.

Police said once they arrived they established a perimeter and made contact with the suspects in the house.

James Sulllivan, 30, was taken into custody after authorities said they found him in the bathtub with a shower curtain draped over him.

James Sullivan, Image by JPD.

Sullivan was charged with entering the residence with a shotgun.

Ralph Burger 36, Corry, and Lisa Gibbons 34, Jamestown, accompanied Sullivan into the house, according to police.

Burger, Gibbons, and Sullivan were all charged with felony trespassing; Sullivan is also facing obstructing charges.



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