Northside Residents Lose Power After Vehicle Collision

JAMESTOWN – Northside residents lost power for a few hours on Saturday night after a car struck a utility pole on Buffalo St., according to the Board of Public Utilities.

“As a result of a vehicle-utility pole accident, BPU electric customers on the north side of Jamestown Saturday night experienced “brown outs,” beginning around 6:00, with full power restored by around 9:15,” said BPU Spokeswoman Becky Robbins.  

In a separate incident, Robbins said stop lights malfunctioned in the Buffalo Street area following what’s known as “voltage fluctuations and disturbances” caused by a National Grid transmission line problem. The issue impacted the BPU’s distribution system.

The problem was first reported shortly before 2:00 am.

Crews had everything back to normal by 6:30, according to Robbins.

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