New Study Argues Coffee Has No Ill Effects To Human Heart

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WESTERN NEW YORK – A new study says coffee has no ill effects to the human heart.

Previously it was believed that coffee could cause a stiffening of the arteries, which would put pressure on your heart and increase your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

The new study from Queen Mary University of London the British Heart Association says the opposite.

It found that drinking five or more cups a day was no worse for the arteries than drinking less than a cup.  The more than 8,000 participants in the study were divided into three groups.

The first consumed less than one cup a day, the second, drank between one and three and the third group drank more than three cups; with some drinking up to 25 a day.

Participants then underwent an MRI heart scan and infrared pulse wave tests, with the results showing no difference in their heart health considering factors such as their age, weight and smoking status.

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