Chautauqua County Clerk Addresses Community Frustration With DMV

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MAYVILLE — Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore is addressing recent frustration with the new appointment system from members of the community at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices throughout the county.

Barmore reminds people that the system came from an order from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office. However, the Clerk says his staff will make adjustments when they become necessary to improve the system.

Barmore says that appointments were booked rather quickly because there was a backlog of people since March. He urges people to spend time looking at to find everything they need for their appointment to avoid being turned away.

Those without internet access can call DMV for any questions. Barmore also says people who can’t get through can email him several days ahead of the appointment at and he’ll get the answers.




  1. they need to update the mv82 forms, myself and several others printed them from the website and were sent letters stating they were out of date. you guys are the reason citizens need to return 17000000 times to handle a simple transaction

  2. Went to Mayville yesterday to register a new motorcycle had both MV82 and tax form filled out,went smooth as could be. Except standing in the ungodly HOT sun waiting to go in.

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