2020 Themed “Dumpster Fire” Toy Now A Hit Seller On Etsy

Image courtesy: RexRoi3D / etsy.com/

NEW YORK – When life hands you trash, make a product out of it and sell it on the internet.

At least that’s what one Los Angeles man did when his 3D printing company started to struggle during the pandemic.

Amir Fakharian, the founder and CEO of RexRoi LLC, said after the pandemic caused all his corporate clients to cancel orders for the foreseeable future, he realized it was time to get creative.

At first, he started making PPE for hospitals and individual clients back in April, when face shields, masks and gowns were still hard to find. But as soon as big corporations started to produce similar products for half the price, Fakharian was forced to pivot yet again.

So, he decided to make and sell 2020-themed dumpster fire toys and Christmas tree ornaments on Etsy.

“‘Dumpster fire’ is just the perfect description of the year we’ve had,” Fakharian said. “COVID-19 is like a fire in a dumpster burning everything in sight so we thought this product would really resonate with people.”

And so far, Etsy users are loving it.

“This ornament is so great and brought some levity to a really tough year,” one customer wrote in a review.

Image courtesy: RexRoi3D / etsy.com/

“Awesome product and perfect statement on what we all think of 2020,” another wrote.

The company is also selling 2020-themed toilet paper ornaments.

“It’s been a challenging year,” Fakharian said. “For people to have something to laugh at and make light of during such a horrible year, I’m happy to provide it.”


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