American Heart Association Calls For Tax Hike On Cigarettes In New York

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ALBANY – The American Heart Association is asking state leaders to increase taxes on cigarettes across New York.

Advocates want a tax hike on cigarettes and other tobacco products to be included in the 2021 executive budget. Those in favor say it’s been 10 years since the last tax increase, and with the increase in e-cigarette use it’s time to raise that price tag again.

They’re calling for an increase of $1 per pack of cigarettes. They say this would hopefully result in 61,800 New York state adults quitting smoking and prevent 29,500 youths in the state from becoming smokers.

Aside from this, the $1 tax hike would bring $30.4 million in new annual revenue.

According to the American Health Association smoking remains the leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke.


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