Narcotics Investigation Exposes JPD to Airborne Fentanyl

(WNY News Now) – In a coordinated effort, members of the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force and Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office Narcotics Investigators executed a search warrant on November 8, 2023, leading to the arrest of four individuals, including a child, on a myriad of charges related to narcotics and endangerment.

Jamestown – On the afternoon of November 8, 2023, at approximately 4:05 PM, law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant at 36 Vanburen Street as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. The operation involved members of the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force and Chautauqua County Sheriffs Office Narcotics Investigators.

During the execution of the warrant, law enforcement encountered Santos Santiago (48), Anabell Santiago (51), Hiram Calderon-Donato (40), Edward Martinez-Pagan (40), and a child inside the residence. The entry team discovered a chaotic scene as occupants allegedly scrambled to destroy and hide evidence. Disturbingly, a significant quantity of fentanyl became airborne during this process, exposing detectives to the dangerous substance.

Emergency response was swift, with the Jamestown Fire Department providing on-site treatment. Two detectives required medical attention, with one transported to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital Emergency Room for further care. Fortunately, the hospitalized detective was released without further complications.

The frenzied attempt to dispose of evidence included allegedly throwing items out of a window, attempts to burn materials, and dumping a substantial amount of fentanyl into a bucket of water. Once the scene was secured, detectives conducted a thorough search of the residence, uncovering alarming quantities of illegal substances and related items.

In total, law enforcement discovered 19.1 pounds of a fentanyl/water compound, 296 baggies of fentanyl, 58 Clonazepam pills, scales, packaging materials, and $1531.00 in cash. The adults present at the scene, namely Santos Santiago, Anabell Santiago, Hiram Calderon-Donato, and Edward Martinez-Pagan, were promptly arrested.

The charges levied against the arrested individuals include Criminal possession of a controlled substance 1st (A-I Felony), Criminal possession of a controlled substance 3rd (intent to sell), Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th, Tampering with physical evidence, Criminally Using drug paraphernalia, Assault 2nd (Injuring a police officer), and Endangering the welfare of a child.

Following their arrests, the accused were transported to the Jamestown City Jail to await arraignment in the Jamestown City Court. The court will be responsible for determining the legal proceedings and consequences for the individuals involved.


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