Norm Rodriguez is also a die-hard sports fan with a long resume in the field of sports broadcasting.

Rodriguez’s love for sports began at age nine, after watching a football game with family members. With realizing the dream of being an athlete being slim-to-none, Rodriguez took a family member’s suggestion to possibly pursue sports broadcasting, while also being able to know the results of the first 40 Super Bowls before age 11.

Rodriguez’s broadcasting career began in 2012 announcing Varsity and Junior Varsity High School Football games, as well as Pee-Wee League Football for both Brocton Central School and Westfield Academy and Central School.

A 2014 graduate of Brocton Central School with a Regents Diploma, Rodriguez moved to Jamestown, NY shortly after graduating high school to further pursue his career in sports broadcasting. Studying Communications at Jamestown Community College, Rodriguez completed courses in Sports Media and Sports Communications, as well as completing Intro to TV Production and Studio Production Practicum.

Rodriguez branched out into more sports beginning in 2015 as the Public Address Announcer (PA), and DJ for Jamestown Community College Basketball and Baseball. The first big break for Rodriguez came in 2016 as the Public Address Announcer and DJ for the Jamestown Jackals.

Rodriguez would change roles to become the play-by-play announcer or the Jackals in 2018, a position he still holds, and the year where he became affiliated with WNY News Now.

Rodriguez was also the PA Announcer and DJ for the Jamestown Jammers for three seasons, a former team in the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League (PGCBL.)

Rodriguez has also seen work as a fill in play-by-play announcer for Southern Tier Xpress Hockey, and as a Color Commentator fill-in for WJTN.

In his spare time, you can see Rodriguez spending time with family and friends, watching sports (mainly the NFL) and movies, or answering NFL trivia questions for people at least twice his age.

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