Flu Shot May Be More Effective Than Nasal Spray

Stock image by USAF.

ITASCA, IL – A new study hopes to shine some light on two different vaccinations for the Flu.

The study, published Monday in the Journal Pediatrics, looks at the effectiveness of the traditional Flu shot versus the nasal spray.

Researchers used previous studies for their report. They concluded that the spray may not work as well as the shot against the Flu in children.

According to scientists, the shot is around 51% effective at battling the Flu. They said the nasal spray is 26% effective.

A professor noted that new data from the spray’s manufacturer shows its performance has improved.

That new data was not included in the study.

While neither flu vaccine is 100% effective, health officials said it is still important to get vaccinated.

The vaccine can lessen the severity of symptoms and how long the symptoms last.

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