Sen. Young Blasts Democrats For Votes ‘Against Taxpayers’

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ALBANY – Saying Democrats voted against commonsense plans that would support state taxpayers, State Sen. Catharine Young today blasted those on the other side of the isle.

Young said election-related bills were “rammed through without public input” and Democrats voted against a series of common sense, good government and tax relief proposals from Republicans.

Among the GOP proposals were reimbursing counties for early voting, stripping legislator pay for campaigning on legislative days, removing corporate money from campaigns, and permanently capping property taxes and state spending at two percent.

But Democrats voted against the taxpayers’ interests, Young said.

“Senate Republicans believe in responsible governing and that means not burdening localities with unfunded mandates, not campaigning during the busiest time of the state legislative calendar while collecting a check from taxpayers and most of all keeping promises to New Yorkers to enact the Republican authored plan to permanently cap property taxes and state spending at two percent. On Day Two, we already saw that the only members committed to those promises are Republicans,” Young said.

Republicans, citing the Democrats’ desire for June consolidation of the state and federal primaries, proposed stripping legislators of pay if they were to miss these crucial days of the legislative session for any reason other than sickness or emergency. Democrats voted it down.

Democrats voted against reimbursing counties for the costs associated with keeping polling places open to conduct early, in-person voting, Young explained.

Young also slammed the Democrats for voting against a plan to permanently cap property tax at 2 percent. .

Republicans proposed reforming the state’s campaign finance system by modeling New York’s rules on the Congressional standard which prohibits direct contributions from corporations, limited liability companies and unions, Young explained. Democrats voted against purging corporate cash from campaigns.

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