Gov. Shutdown Ends, Bill Funds Government For Three Weeks

Cutout Photo: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0

WASHINGTON – After 34 days, the partial government shutdown is over.

Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump announced a deal to reopen the government although it does not include any money to build a wall along the US Mexico Border.

“I will sign a bill to open our government for three weeks, until February 15t,” said Trump. “I will make sure all employees receive their back pay very quickly, or as soon as possible.”

Congress will still need to pass the bill, after the President signs it.

During the Rose Garden Announcement, Trump continued to tout the benefits of a border wall to keep migrants from crossing into the US illegally.

Funding the barrier is something lawmakers will continue to debate but in the meantime, furloughed employees can get back to work.

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