Major Westside Drainage Pipe To Be Replaced, Funding Covered From State Grant

Stock Photo: Courtesy Of MGN/Tony Magpantay.

JAMESTOWN – The replacement of a major drainage culvert was approved this week by City Council members at their monthly Voting Session.

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi said the culvert that runs down the hill from Sprague Street under Steele Street drains storm water from the west side of the city.

Teresi said the project is fully funded by a Bridge NY grant from New York State.

“This is a major project and, quite frankly, without the grant funding from the State of New York, the city wasn’t sure where we could get the capitol dollars to do that,” said Teresi. “We could have a significant problem on our hands if that culvert, that pipe, ever broke. We’d have a storm water calamity on our hands.”

Teresi said the drain was likely to bust sometime in the near future. The mayor added that the city and state are trying to be proactive to fix the pipe.

The project is expected to begin sometime this spring.

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