Reed Happy To See Unity Among Some Lawmakers Following State Of The Union Address

Pictured left to right: Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D) and Rep. Tom Reed (R). Image courtesy: Rep. Tom Reed, Facebook.

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed, in a video responding to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, Tuesday night said he was happy to see unity at times in the house chamber.

“What I also saw on display in the chambers, there is nothing wrong with being a proud Democrat or a proud Republican, but at the end of the day there is a lot of commonality and a bit of unity,” said Reed during a joint reaction video with Democratic co-chair of the Problems Solvers Caucus Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

“I thought when he focused on all the women that got elected and people were screaming ‘USA,’ that was a great moment,” said Gottheimer.

Gottheimer is noting when President Trump congratulated the new Congressional class, dominated by women.

“This is the State of the Union, it’s a speech, I know you and I (Gottheimer) are committed to it in our Problems Solver Caucus. I just hope our fellow legislators are also committed to it,” said Reed. “Enough is enough, put the extremism, put the partisan…”

“As we know, it takes work, and it takes sometimes not getting everything you want,” said Gottheimer. “We all, in the chamber, have to accept the fact that the key is to keep working together and to make sure we keep fighting to get things done that matter to both of us where we have been able to find that common ground; so hopefully we can do it.”

Reed said that he hopes, going forward, the conversation can continue between both Democrats and Republicans; something Reed has stressed as one of the highlights of the Problems Solvers Caucus.

The 82-minute State of the Union Address laid out President Trump’s 2019 agenda, including his pitch for an immigration deal that Trump said must have a border wall.

If Congress doesn’t reach a deal by next Friday, or the President doesn’t declare a national emergency, the government could shut down for the second time this year.

The President also touched on bipartisan topics such as infrastructure, cutting the cost of prescription drugs and ending HIV in the United States.

Watch Reed and Gottheimer’s full response on Rep. Tom Reed’s Facebook Page.

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