Cuomo Hopes To Ban “Stretch” Limousines Following Fatal Crash

ALBANY – New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to ban “stretch” limousines following a fatal crash last October in Schoharie, NY, that killed 20 people, including the driver, 17 passengers and two pedestrians.

Released in his annual budget to state lawmakers, Cuomo incorporated a full slate of new limousine and motorcoach regulations. State lawmakers held their first hearing on those rules last week.

“We are advancing reforms that will give aggressive new powers that will allow authorities to take dangerous vehicles off the roads without delay, hold unscrupulous businesses accountable and increase public safety in every corner of New York,” Cuomo said in a statement following the crash.

The changes would ban “remanufactured limousines,” which include stretch limos and stretch SUV-type vehicles, from operating in New York State.

Limousine owners are speaking out, however, arguing that the new regulations will likely put them out of business.


  1. Banning limos because of an accident, might as well ban cars all together, there are auto accidents every day. Try doing things the right way and charge the company operating them for the accident or the driver if they survive. Maybe restrict what roads they can be on. Have State inspections twice a year or quarterly. You cant just ban them though.

  2. Cuomo needs to be banned form NYS! The deaths and crash were horrible! However, it appeared that the vehicle in the crash hadn’t been properly inspected? If it had been a bus type vehicle would the governor who thinks he’s God ban those too?

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