Ripley Town Highway Superintendent Says Salt Barn Grant Is Critical

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RIPLEY – The Town of Ripley Highway Superintendent says that the grant secured by New York State Senator Cathy Young to build a salt barn is going to help protect the environment and save the town money in the long run.

James Spacht said that Young has been trying to secure the $125,000 grant over the past few years.

Currently without a barn the town is wasting money on salt that washes away. The salt ends up in local streams and rivers contaminating local water ways.

The Highway Superintendent said the barn will preserve the salt longer and save the town money over time.

“I’ve been working with her on the salt shed for the last two or three years she’s been trying to get funding for it, we thought we had it last year, but the state did not allow it,” said Spacht. “They contacted me this year and said that we were going to be funded and that is very much appreciated because Ripley don’t have a big tax base, we are probably one of the poorest towns in the state.”

Spacht said the ban will cost anywhere between $160,000 and $170,000 to put up. The town will cover the other $40,000 that will be required.

In a statement to WNYNewsNow Young explained that securing the funds was a priority for her office and she is proud to help the Town of Ripley.

“This salt barn will protect the environment, eliminate the loss of road salt due to rain and help the Town of Ripley Highway Department work more efficiently,” Senator Young said. “The Highway Department provides vital services to Ripley and surrounding communities and they need proper facilities and equipment to complete their mission.”

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