Reed Plan Would Require Congressional Approval Of Presidential Emergency Declarations

File image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

WASHINGTON – Rep. Tom Reed has a plan to require Congress to approve or deny all presidential emergency declarations.

Presidents have used the emergency declarations more and more in the past several decades and opponents of the declarations have argued it gives presidents too much power and tilts the balance between the branches of government.

“Under the National Emergency Act, Congress does not have to take action, it is a private resolution that a member has to bring forward, and it is a resolution of termination, essentially saying we in Congress tell the president we’re going to stop,” Reed said.

Under Reed’s plan, Congress would stop all other activity to address the declaration.

“What we are setting up is, the president can take the action but it will require, and  Congress will have to stop all other business, a vote to affirm agreement with the president,” Reed said. “Yes it is a national emergency, the action being taken supports the response to the national emergency.”

If the vote passes, the emergency response is approved, but if that vote fails that emergency action order is terminated, Reed said.


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