Reed Seeks $75 Million Annually For West Vallety Cleanup, Bill Passes House

WASHINGTON – Rep. Tom Reed announced Wednesday his bill to authorize $75 million dollars a year for the West Valley Demonstration Project through 2026 to secure and remove nuclear waste from the site has passed the House of Representatives.

“We are proud to be an unrelenting advocate for West Valley and care about ensuring a fair amount of funding for the complete and total cleanup of this nuclear site,” Tom said. “This bill offers clarity for our friends and neighbors and ensures the health and safety of our environment for years to come.

“We urge our colleagues in the Senate to quickly pass our bill to reauthorize this vital nuclear cleanup project,” Reed concluded.

He spoke in support of the bill on the House floor.

“This is certainly good news for the continued cleanup of the West Valley Demonstration Project,” Scott Anderson, President and General Manager CHBWV said. “Funding at the $75 million level supports the capacity to accelerate cleanup, eliminate potential environmental threats, and reduce the Department of Energy footprint and life-cycle costs. CHBWV remains committed to conducting cleanup in a way that protects the health and safety of workers, general public, and the environment while reducing environmental legacy risks.”

“The Town of Ashford is extremely grateful to Congressman Tom Reed for his efforts in getting this legislation introduced and passed,” Town of Ashford Supervisor Charles Davis said. “With dedicated funding and an understanding of possible disposal pathways, DOE, New York State, and the Town of Ashford can now begin to better plan for the future of the West Valley Demonstration Project. Without Congressman Reed’s determination and problem solving attitude, The Town of Ashford would continue to have to fight for funding on an annual basis.”

Reed has worked with stakeholders, including the West Valley Citizen Task Force, to achieve the goal of complete cleanup.

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