Reed Fighting To Keep Truck-Lite In Falconer

File image By Matt Hummel / WNYNewsNow

FALCONER – Congressman Tom Reed (R) is fighting for Truck-Lite to stay in New York after hearing that the company will migrate its corporate headquarters to Michigan.

WNYNewsNow asked Reed about what he’s heard regarding Truck Lite’s future during a teleconference Tuesday with reporters. Reed said he isn’t quite sure what departments are included in the move, if any.

“There’s some conflicting information coming out of the Truck-Lite operation,” said Reed. “We’ve heard its corporate employees only, we’ve heard it’s the engineering department, professional staff only, and we’ve heard it’s all of them.”

“We are still trying to lock down a firm commitment from Truck-Lite as to who is potentially relocating to Michigan,” explained Reed.

Reed believes one way to keep Truck-Lite from moving out-of-state is to cut taxes and regulations.

“This does remind me of our message today; what we need to be doing in New York State is cutting taxes, cutting regulation, and not adopting extreme liberal agenda that is going to increase taxes, increase regulations, that are going to exacerbate the problem that is causing truck-lite to consider moving from Falconer to Michigan,” said Congressman Reed.

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello told WNYNewsNow Tuesday  that he believed the vast majority of the work force would remain in Falconer.

“To the best of my knowledge, only about 10 percent is expected to leave,” Borrello said.

WNYNewsNow’s Jonathan Schultz and Matt Hummel contibtued to this report.

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