Reed, Local Leaders Meet To Discuss Jamestown Passenger Air Service

JAMESTOWN – Congressman Tom Reed says that in order to get passenger air service to return to Jamestown the community, government and airline provider will have to work together.

Reed, in a phone interview with WNYNewsNow Tuesday, said that during a meeting Monday at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel in Celoron, elected officials and community leaders determined that one of the main issues facing the airport is that the lack of flights produces a lack of passenger numbers; that in turn creates a cycle that is bad for the airport.

“What we’ve got to do is partner with an applicant like Boutique Air who recognizes the uniqueness of the Jamestown Airport, and the need,” said Reed. “We are making sure you have access to a national carrier, you also need is local support.

Reed said that the support could be shown by having the community purchase a number of tickets or an outside financial contribution could be committed to keep the airline operating.

When asked how soon the joint proposal by Boutique Air and Chautauqua County to re-establish commercial air service between Jamestown and Pittsburgh would be resubmitted, Reed said the timeline is now up to county officials.

“We are taking the input now so it is though to put a timeline on the horizon,” explained Reed. “We are glad the DOT allowed us to resubmit an application and the timeline is now under our control.”

Reed said however he hopes under the leadership of Chautauqua County Executive Gorge Borrello the application, and eventually approval, should be sooner than later.

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