Reed Says Democrats Won’t Accept Collusion Finding, Wants FBI Agents Investigated

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed called for Democrats to accept the findings by Robert Mueller that President Donald Trump did not collude with Russians to win the 2016 presidential elections. He also said someone needs to investigate the FBI agents who were at the helm of the collusion charge.

“What I honestly see right now, in my humble opinion, is a party on the other side of the aisle that is not willing to accept the conclusions of the evidence that Bob Mueller has come to and move forward for the American people and they want to continue this division that is tearing America apart,” Reed said during his weekly teleconference with the media.

Since 2017, Mueller has been  Special Counsel of the Russian collusion investigation, which found no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians in the 2016 national election.

In response to a WNYNewsNow question, Reed said it is important to investigate the pair of FBI special agents who seemed to push the collusion story, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

“I do belive the prioritization of an investigation should be targeted at those bad actors of Page and Strzok, those special agents that quote unquote used the insurance police to try to overturn the election of 2016,” Reed said. “I think that warrants further investigation to see exactly who was colluding with them, who was talking with them. These are public agents, these are special agents working within the FBI who have brought, in my opinion, a great deal of tarnish to the organization because they were carrying out a political agenda in an institution that mustn’t be political.”

While Reed said he supports making as much of the Mueller report public as possible, he said the evidence clearly frees Trump from any collusion suspicions.

“We’ve always said, we wanted Bob Mueller to follow the evidence, get to the conclusion based on the evidence and, I think its clear, the evidence clearly shows the president did not collude with Russia,  was exonerated completely in regards to the mission of the special council’s office,” he said. “I think its time for us to move forward and say we need to put the American people first as opposed to continue this political partisan attack on the president that seems to be driving the narrative of this post Mueller report.”

Reed said he wants to know how and who started the whole allegation.

“I think there’s also a fair question to ask as to why this happened to begin with and what was the motivation behind the beginning of this investigation and what was the evidence that put this into motion,” he said.

As for investigating Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton or former President Obama, Reed said he has seen public commentary calling for such a probe.

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