Little Caesars Big-Rig ‘Love Kitchen’ Feeds Those In Jamestown

The Little Caesars “Love Kitchen” visits Jamestown. 04/01/19. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – The Little Caesars “Love Kitchen” rolled up to the Salvation Army in Jamestown Monday to serve free slices of pizza to the homeless, those in need and anyone who stopped by.

This was the second time that the pizza chain’s charitable big-rig stopped by the Salvation Army’s Jamestown location, 83 S. Main St.

Elizabeth Lopez, Salvation Army’s Emergency Basic Needs Supervisor, said that the truck visited the city in 2015. This year the organization reached out to her to ask if they could come back.

“There definitely is a lot of people in need here in the Jamestown area and it is always very heartwarming and blessing anytime anybody partners with us,” said Lopez. “We do get a lot of partnerships around Christmas, but this was totally out of the blue they called and asked if they could come setup.”

Lopez said on average between 800 to 1,000 families visit the Salvation Army each month to receive help. She said anyone interested in helping with the programs or need assistance should reach out to her at  (716) 664-4108.

“The end of the month is typically very busy at the food pantry because people who receive one-time payments, maybe social security or public assistance, their funds are running out,” explained Lopez. “It is definitely a blessing, any corporate help we receive.”

Since 1985, the pizza chain’s “Love Kitchen” program has been serving meals from wheels across the nation and Canada to locations where people are in need, from areas suffering poverty to communities ravaged by hurricanes and tornadoes.

Two big rigs equipped with pizza ovens travel year around, with two drivers assigned to each truck.

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