Jamestown Democrats File Petitions

JAMESTOWN – City Democrats announced Tuesday they filled more than 600 signatures on petitions for this fall’s general election.

City Democratic Committee Chairman Jim Walton said he was thrilled to see an overwhelming amount of energy for this fall’s election.

“I am thrilled at the level of enthusiasm and support our committee has seen for Eddie Sundquist and all of the Team Jamestown candidates this year,” said Walton. “To triple our signature number sends a clear message that there is continued high energy among supporters of the team we have fielded this year.” 

“With the retirement of Sam Teresi, he has provided us with the nucleus of his team and we hope to be able to improve and complement their efforts and introduce additional new ideas and programs that will keep Jamestown moving ahead.”

Democrats running this fall include mayoral candidate Eddie Sundquist, at-large city council candidates Tamu Graham-Reinhardt, Greg Rabb, and Taylor Scott.

Petitions were also circulated for Ward 1 City Council candidate Tim Smeal, Ward 2 candidate Tom Vitale, Ward 3 incumbent Vickey James, Ward 4 incumbent and Council President Marie Carrubba, Ward 5 incumbent Maria Jones, and Ward 6 incumbent Tom Nelson.  

At the county legislature level incumbents Chuck Nazzaro and Paul Whitford are also running; along with Bob Whitney who is running to regain his seat in Mayville.

“I am humbled by the number of people volunteering countless hours to go out and get signatures,” said Mayoral Candidate, Eddie Sundquist. “The response we have gotten along the way has been incredibly positive. People are looking towards the future of Jamestown, and I am ready to bring continued growth and opportunity to our City.”

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