Officials To Make Announcement Regarding Future Of Jammers Baseball

JAMESTOWN – Officials are expected to make an announcement this afternoon regarding the future of Jamestown Jammers Baseball.

According to a media advisory sent out by the City of Jamestown Friday, Jamestown Community Baseball, LLC, (JCB,LLC) and Mayor Sam Teresi are expected to meet at Russell E. Diethrick Jr. Park at 3 p.m. to make a “positive announcement.”

In October, then-Jamestown Jammers manager Anthony Barone announced ROC Ventures (the former owner of the Jammers) were ceasing operations.

Barone, along with other former aspects of the team, relocated to the Milwaukee area and to become the Milwaukee Milkmen.

The Milkmen will play in a brand new, 4,000-seat stadium that’s currently under construction in Franklin, Wi. as part of an overall $130 million sports, entertainment and housing development called the Rock Sports Complex and Ballpark Commons.

The Jammers and its assets were donated to a local nonprofit group. Since then, no further developments have been announced.

WNYNewsNow will stream Monday’s press conference on Facebook Live and our 24/7 streaming network.

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