Wegmans Testing Service That Allows Customers To Scan Items While They Shop

WESTERN NEW YORK – Wegmans customers will soon be able to use a new app to scan items while they shop.

The Rochester based grocery chain said new service is only available in Rochester, but the company plans to expand the program if it’s successful there.

How does it work? Customers will use the free mobile app “Wegmans SCAN” to scan items and bag groceries in reusable bags as they move through the store. When finished, customers will be able to pay at the self-checkout lanes.

The grocery chain says this will help expedite shopping.

“As technology has evolved to enable more self-service, our customers are increasingly looking for options that save time and give them the ability to shop how they want,” said Jack DePeters, senior vice president of store operations. “Regardless of how customers choose to shop with us, we’ll continue delivering the same level of incredible service that customers have come to expect. For more than a hundred years it’s been the cornerstone of our business, and as we evolve in the digital age, that’s where it will stay.”

You can find Wegmans SCAN in the app stores for both Apple and Android. To use the app, you must be connected to Wegmans’ WiFi.

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