Liuzzo Stresses Change During Latest Rally

Jamestown City Councilman Andrew Liuzzo (R) announces bid for Mayor. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow. 02/02/19

JAMESTOWN – City of Jamestown Mayoral candidate Andrew Liuzzo (R) reiterated his message of change during a rally Saturday morning at Lori’s Country Cafe on Foote Avenue.

Liuzzo said that changes starts with the voters. The current City Councilman At-Large said that he’s willing to listen to what the people want.

The mayoral candidate also added that the downtown area looks great; but the rest of the town has been forgotten.

Image by Andrew Stevenson/WNYNewsNow.

Liuzzo detailed how his focus is on the residents of Jamestown, rather than himself.

“We don’t help people up, we give people a hand out,” Liuzzo said. “We need to have people be able to help themselves without the government doing everything.”

“You can live the American dream anywhere, we need to bring that dream back to Jamestown. People are leaving, jobs are leaving, we need to get our young ones to stay. Better days are coming, with your help.”

Liuzzo also called for mayoral term limits. He said that mayors should only be able to serve two four-year terms.

In addition, Liuzzo said that City Council members should only be able to serve four two-year terms.

Liuzzo said that City Council should be more active with their constituents.

“City council needs to be involved more with the public,” Liuzzo said. “The residents don’t even know who there representative is. Members should be required to talk to the people they represent.”

Liuzzo also said that he won’t seek any other line following the Republican primary, which is June 25.

“I will not seek another line, and I will not petition for an independent line,” Liuzzo said. “If the people want a difference, they’ll have to vote for a difference on June 25. But I will not risk a split in the vote to allow the opposition party to win.”

WNYNewsNow’s Andrew Stevenson and Matt Hummel contributed to this report.

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