New York Ranks Fifth In Bigfoot Sightings Survey

Patterson-Gimlin Film

NEW YORK STATE – A new survey from the Travel Channel and Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization found that New York has some of the highest reported bigfoot sightings.

Patterson-Gimlin Film

The report said that New York finished fifth in the United States behind Washington, California, Pennslyvania and Michigan in sightings of the mythical creature.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization’s website, there have been only two reported sightings in Monroe County, with the last in 2005. However, it appears the website’s data might be a little out of date.

The Travel Channel said Whitehall, NY, which is near the Vermont border, is considered the “Bigfoot capital of the east coast.”

While there are plenty of legends, it’s important to note there has never been a proven bigfoot sighting.

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