Mothers’ Day: A Time To Reflect And Honor

It’s Mothers’ Day, a time to thank, honor and remember the women in our lives that helped create us, shape us and, when needed, scold us.

I’m generally not big on holidays, except for Christmas and Independence Day, but Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day hold a special place in my heart, especially now that both of my parents are gone.

Mothers should hold a special place in our hearts. My mother, who passed in 2001, always knew what to say when I came to her with a problem. She would tell me what I needed to hear, good or bad, not what I always wanted to hear. She never pulled her punches, but always addressed me with love, respect and honesty.

My Mom was the only one I ever could truly and openly talk with about anything. She loved me unconditionally and would always be there for me. Now, when I visit my parents’ graves, it is not with sadness, but joy in the memories I hold dear.

If you have a mom, step-mom or other special woman in your life, honor her today, and everyday, because time is fleeting and eventually all you will have is the memories and wisdom they shared. If, like me, those special women have already gone, take time to remember them, honor their dignity and try to imagine who you would be had they not been a part of your life.

Oprah Winfrey said, “I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.”

I learned so much from my mother, things I don’t even know I learned that just seem an inate part of me. I learned the power of faith, the joy of life, the hope for the future and the ability to love without question. Any negativity I have in my attitude came from my father, who also instilled many great things in me. My father remains my hero, but my mother was my center, my closest friend and a perfect listening post.

While I can never begin to repay either of my parents, I honor them in thought and deed as much as I can.

My mother gave me her compassion, her never give up spirit, her joy at living and her love of others. I inherited her outlook in many ways and as I age, I see a lot of both my parents in me. There is a current insurance ad that says they can’t stop us from turning into our parents. I wouldn’t want that. The more I see of Mom or Dad in me, the closer I am to them.

So today, and everyday, give Mom and Dad your love, respect and friendship. Honor them for what they have done for you and what they mean to you. Remember the many sacrifices they made for you, including the sacrifices they made that you may not be aware of.

So if I am turning into my parents, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Mothers’ Day.

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