Locking Up Guns Could Reduce Firearm Deaths By A Third, Study Says

ElCapitanBSC / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

WESTERN NEW YORK – A new study says if parents simply locked up all their guns, then up to a third of gun suicides and accidental deaths among children and teens could be avoided.

New research from the Journal Jama Pediatrics suggests that if adults simply locked up their guns, the number of children and teens who are killed by firearms each year could drop by up to a third.

It analyzed home gun ownership data from 2015. That year, guns injured nearly 14,000 minors, and were involved in the deaths of another 2,800.

The survey found nearly 800 of those deaths happened when guns were not locked up.

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  1. Where was this so call study done? When i was growing up guns were kept hanging on a gun rack on the wall and never was there a shooting. I f you touched a gun you had you butt beat and that’s what is missing today. How about pull your kids away from shooter games and send them outside and play or do something constructive.

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