County GOP Endorses Langworthy For State GOP Chair In Battle With Cox

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MAYVILLE – The New York State Republican Party has an internal fight on its hands with Erie County GOP head Nick Lamngworthy challenging current party head Ed Cox.

The Chautauqua County Republicans have thrown thier metal into the fire by endorsing Langworthy.

Jamestown Mayoral Candidate, and current County Legislator, Dave Wilfong confirmed to WNYNewsNow that the county party, after hearing from both men, has endorsed Langworthy.

“Today we, the Chautauqua County Republican Party, endorsed Nick Langworthy as chairman,” Wilfong told WNYNewsNow early Saturday afternoon.

Image courtesy Dave Wilfong, Facebook.

Cox has held the post since 2009, but Langworthy, citing heavy 2018 losses, said it is time to rebuild the party.

Cox supporters have said it is wrong to blame just one person for the election defeats, but supporters of Langworthy have said Cox has failed to bring the party forward in New York. The GOP will vote for the position this July.


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