New Study Finds Fruit Juice Linked To Risk Of Early Death

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WESTERN NEW YORK – Most know drinking too much sugary soda isn’t good for you, but a new study found that reaching for a bottle of juice instead isn’t any better.

A new study found that even though the sugar in fruit juice occurs naturally, it’s just as bad for you as sweetened drinks.

In fact, it’s so unhealthy that drinking too much is linked boosting the chance you’ll die early by as much as 42 percent.

Scientists made the correlation by reviewing existing stroke data for more than 13,000 adults.

They discovered people who get ten percent, or more of their daily calories from any sugary beverage increased their risk of premature death by 14 percent.

The increase in premature death from coronary heart disease is 44 percent.

That’s because sugary beverages are thought to increase insulin resistance and cause weight gain around the waist.

Excessive sugar intake also leads to obesity, diabetes and elevated triglycerides.

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