NY DEC Asks People To Report Moose Sightings

NPS Photo.

ALBANY – New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation is asking people to report moose sightings to help wildlife biologists involved in a multi-year research project on the status of the moose population.

Officials say moose sightings increase in the spring as cows prepare to give birth and last year’s calves look for their own territories.

In 2018, 220 moose observations were reported to DEC, up from 163 in 2017. Biologists say it’s likely due to increased public awareness of the research project.

Most moose sightings are in the Adirondacks, but DEC says Connecticut and Massachusetts also have moose populations, resulting in observations in southeastern New York.

Sightings can be reported in an online form . Photos can be emailed to DEC to be posted online.

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