Health Minute: June Is Men’s Health Month

Stock Photo: Darko Stojanovic

WESTERN NEW YORK – June is Men’s Health Month, and doctors say the goal is to increase awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average American man will live to the age of 76 while the average American woman will live to age 81.

Doctors with the men’s health network call it “the silent health crisis in America.”

The CDC encourages men to take control of their bodies. Doctors say eat healthy and balanced meals, including fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and reduce stress and don’t forget regular checkups.

Women are 100 percent more likely than men to see their doctor for preventative treatment or annual exams.

Finally, know the signs and symptoms of heart attacks. In 2015, the CDC says Heart Disease and Cancer were the top causes of death among men.

Whether it’s your husband, partner, dad, brother, son, or friend, help support the health and safety of the men in your life.

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