Chautauqua Lake Association Awarded $100,000 Grant To Fight Invasive Species

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ALBANY – New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday the Chautauqua Lake Association was awarded a $100,000 grant to combat invasive species.

The money was part of more than $2.8 million awarded to projects across the state that aim to reduce the negative impacts of invasive species through control or removal activities, research, and spread prevention.

“New York State is leading the way in invasive species management to ensure our environment remains sustainable, healthy and strong,” Governor Cuomo said. “Through joint efforts by our state, community and organizational partners, we are developing new programs and initiatives to combat the threat of invasive species that could damage New York’s waterways, agricultural crops, and invaluable forest lands.”

In addition to funding, New York State has formed a comprehensive plan of attack to prevent the spread of invasive species. State DEC regulations prohibit boats and equipment from entering or leaving DEC launch sites without first being drained and cleaned. Boaters should take precautions – “Clean, Drain and Dry” – prior to launching a watercraft or floating dock into public waters.

The Invasive Species Grant Program is administered by the Bureau of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health in DEC’s Division of Lands and Forests. For more information, visit DEC’s website.

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