Jammers Fans Will See Competitive Baseball Following 2020 Return

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Jammer fans can expect to see a competitive game of baseball return to Russell E. Diethrick, Jr. Park in 2020.

File image by Rory Pollaro/WNYNewsNow.

George Carlo, who works for Secrets of Champions Foundation, the group who runs the Jammers Franchise, is looking forward to bringing baseball back to its glory days in Jamestown.

Carlo said the new Jammers team will act like a player development laboratory aiming to recruit rising stars.

“Those things we’ve used over the years in Major League Baseball and high-level Minor-League Baseball we are going to do here (in Jamestown) with these players,” said Carlo. “We will be able to recruit players from across the country who are rising college players to come here because they are going to get something here in a way of development for their own careers they won’t be able to get elsewhere.”

Carlo said, in addition to player development on the field, his group hopes to foster good life habits off the field that include respect, relationships, nutrition, sleep, repair and recovery.

On Monday the team’s new management, Jamestown Community Baseball, LLC led by ‘Mr. Baseball’ Russell E. Diethrick, Jr, officially signed a lease to Russell E. Diethrick, Jr. Park through at least the 2025 season.

Carlo said the team will be announcing the signing of their general manager, field manager, and other staffing next week.

In addition to Jammers Baseball in 2020, the Secrets of Champions Foundation is hosting a training camp August 12-15 for young baseball players in the community, a coaches clinic and a camp for handicap baseball players.

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