2019 Primary Election Results

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New York State Senator 57th District (Republican) vote for one

Pictured left: Allegany County Board of Legislators Chairman Curtis Crandall. Pictured right: Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello. Images by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

George M. Borrello     7,453 votes     60% projected winner

Curtis W. Crandall    4,247 votes     34%

County Legislator District 1 (Republican) vote for one

Kevin J. Muldowney     125 votes     69% projected winner

Ronald P. Hall     54 votes     30%

County Legislator District 18 (Republican) vote for one

Bill Ward     289 votes     65% projected winner

Richard W. Syper     152 votes     34%

Jamestown City Mayor (Republican) vote for one

Pictured left: Jamestown City Councilman Andrew Liuzzo. Pictured right: Chautauqua County Legislator Dave Wilfong. Images by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

David E. Wilfong     480 votes     63% projected winner

Andrew R. Liuzzo     271 votes     35%

Jamestown City Council Ward 2 (Republican) vote for one

Pictured left: Raven Mason-Thompson. Pictured right: Jamestown Ward II Councilman Tony Dolce. Images by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

Anthony J. Dolce      119 votes     77% projected winner

Raven L. Thompson     34 votes     22%

Dunkirk City Council At Large (Independence) vote for one

Frank J. Beach     17 votes     26%

Paul E. VanDenVouver     47 votes     73% projected winner

Arkwright Town Council (Republican) vote for two

Stephen L. Mead      43 votes     36%

Frederic P. Norton     34 votes    28%

Lynn E. Bedford     42 votes     35%

Arkwright Town Clerk (Independence) vote for one

Wendy J. Lord     8 votes     88% projected winner

Jane A. Lindquist     1 votes     11%

Carroll Town Supervisor (Republican) vote for one

Russell L. Payne     188 votes     54% projected winner

Laura S. Smith     159 votes     45%

Carroll Town Clerk (Republican) vote for one

Tenneil L. Stelmack     156 votes     44%

Susan J. Rowley     192 votes     55% projected winner

Carroll Town Clerk (Independence) vote for one

Susan J. Rowley     20 votes     50%

Tenneil L. Stelmack     19 votes     47%

Charlotte Town Council (Republican) vote for two

John T. Conway     28 votes     14%

Harold J. North III     73 votes     39%

Mark E. Jaquith     85 votes     45% projected winner

French Creek Town Highway Superintendent (Republican) vote for one

Stephen K. Linton     104 votes     70% projected winner

Brian Malecki     44 votes     29%

Kiantone Town Supervisor (Republican) vote for one

Joshua S. Ostrander     74 votes     73% projected winner

Kevin E. Myers     27 votes     26%

Mina Town Council (Republican) vote for two

Ernest A. Roache     87 votes     43% projected winner

Kerry K. Mulkearn     43 votes     21%

Stephen C. Burmaster     68 votes     34%

Data gathered from (http://app.chautauquacounty.com/BOE/Results/results.htm) and (https://nyenr.elections.ny.gov/). Results are ‘unofficial’ until all votes are counted.

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