Two New Student Members Join Jamestown School Board

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JAMESTOWN – Two new student board members joined Jamestown Public School’s governing body Tuesday night.

School officials announcing Meridith Rohlin and Olivia Ruiz have joined the board of education as ex-officio members for the 2019-20 school year.

Both are entering their senior year at Jamestown High School and are the co-public relations officers for the National Honor Society. Their term begins July 2, 2019 and ends June 30, 2020.

“It is important that students know that they have a voice with the Board of Education. We had a very successful first year with last year’s student board members, Ellen Cross and Natalie Carlson,” said Jamestown Board of Education President Paul Abbott. “I hope our student body continues to utilize this opportunity and supports Rohlin and Ruiz by giving them their suggestions and input. I also hope their presence sends a message to all students that they are welcome at any Board of Education meeting because they are the reason we do what we do.”

Rohlin is the President of the A Cappella Choir. School officials said she enjoys being a part of the A Cappella and Madrigal Choirs, JHS musicals, Concert Orchestra and Varsity Tennis.

“I am really excited to be a part of the Board of Education because I get to see first hand what is going on with our district, and hopefully be able to voice the student’s point of view,” said Rohlin.

Rohlin is also in AP and dual enrollment classes and loves learning about a variety of topics. Next year, she is very excited to play a bigger role in the school system, especially by being a part of the Jamestown Board of Education. She is very honored to have this opportunity given to her through the National Honor Society. She is looking forward to the upcoming year and all the new endeavors she faces.

Ruiz holds a leadership position in the A Cappella and Madrigal Choirs. She is the treasurer of Key Club and a student representative on the Riverwalk Board. She enjoys and regularly participates in Poetry Out Loud and takes AP classes at JHS.

“I am so excited to be a part of the Board of Education as a student representative because I feel as though I will provide valid opinions about JPS. In addition, learning more about my community is important to me as well,” said Ruiz.

Coming from a Hispanic background, Ruiz plans to minor in the Spanish language with a goal of becoming bilingual, and major in Environmental Science as a career path. Ruiz is very excited to make every moment count for her final year at JHS and help her local community before she takes on the next chapter in life.

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