Schumer Continues To Fight Back Against Robocalls

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WASHINGTON – Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer visited Corning Wednesday to discuss his ongoing battles with the Robocalls industry.

Schumer is pushing for passage of the TRACED Act, which would require all phone service providers to develop and implement call authentication technology. Additionally, the TRACED Act would fine a company $10,000 each time a robocall is allowed through.

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“Most of them come from here but still a good chunk come from foreign countries, but they still can trace them nonetheless and block them just like they block a domestic call. furthermore – what about the fine you say? well, what if they’re overseas? But the credit card companies help us find out who they are,” Schumer said.

The legislation passed in the Senate last month and now heads to the House. It aims to not only tackle the annoyance factor of robocalls, but the costs as well.

Schumer has expressed confidence that the TRACED Act will pass in the House, and that President Trump will sign it.

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