New Giant Chair Unveiled Downtown

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – A new seat fit for a giant was unveiled Monday morning near the corner of West Third and Lafayette Streets in Downtown Jamestown.

The chair, modeled in memory of Jamestown’s once booming furniture industry, is the brain child of Jamestown Renaissance Corporation. The group’s Deputy Director, Kristy Kathman, said the giant chair takes a special spin on giant Adirondack Chairs that are popular all across the nation.

“It captures Jamestown History of being a furniture building city but it is also unique,” said Kathman. “A lot of people who have seen it already say, ‘Oh, I had those chairs when I was a kid,’ or, ‘I have those chairs in my house.’ We have them in our conference room at JRC; it’s fun to see it in such a big way.”

Kathman explained that the project would not have happened without the help of Fancher Chair, a Falconer-based furniture manufacturing company.

“They took our idea and they knocked it out of the park,” said Kathman.

Marketing and Events Manager for Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, Zach Agett, said a plaque will be later installed detailing the history behind the seat and how the furniture industry left its mark on the city.

“The goal is definitely having people taking pictures and then tagging Jamestown,” said Agett. “For special events we may bring some props out.”

Agett said his group is thrilled they were able to get the chair in place before the Lucy Comedy Festival that is scheduled to kickoff the first full week of August.

A stand and stair access to the seat will also be installed later on as well.

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  1. And then people can walk across the bridge to the Fenton History Center and see the new exhibit on the history of furniture making in Jamestown.!

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