Wilfong Misses Financial Filing Deadline, Says Public Transparency Is Top Priority

Dave Wilfong. WNYNewsNow Photo.

JAMESTOWN – The City of Jamestown Republican Mayoral Candidate Dave Wilfong said he missed a deadline to file campaign finance paperwork with New York State Election Officials and has since worked to correct the issue.

In an interview with WNYNewsNow Tuesday morning, Wilfong said since then he has made restitution and is speaking out to ensure voters transparency is his top priority.

“How I found out was I got a letter from the Board of Elections saying my New York State Campaign Finance Reports were not up-to-date,” said Wilfong. “Then I started looking at them. I had a lady who did those for me and we found out she had not filed for quite some time, so we had to go in and enter the information properly and make sure it was right.”

New York State Election Finance Reports keeps track of funding for all political campaigns. Activity like campaign donations and purchases are reported to election officials to prevent fraud.

Since missing the date, Wilfong said he has received mixed feedback.

“A lot of people don’t really think it matters,” said Wilfong. “But, it does when it comes to credibility and transparency. When you are running for mayor you have to have both.”

“I have to take ownership for the mistake I made,” explained Wilfong. “It was Dave Wilfong’s responsibility to make sure it gets done, done correctly and on time.”

Wilfong said owning your own mistakes is not just important in the world of politics, but also in life.

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