Health Minute: How Many Calories Should We Cut To Lose Weight?

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WESTERN NEW YORK – Healthy life style changes can be difficult, but a new study says it might be easier than we think.

In a study published in the Medical Journal Lancet, a group of 218 adults were monitored by Duke University Medical Center for two years.

They found that 75 of them didn’t have to make any changes to their diet, the other 143 healthy adults under the age of 50 were asked to cut 25% of their calories.

That became difficult to maintain, and the average calorie reduction was 12-percent over the two years.

Researchers found just by eliminating 300 calories per day, the calorie cutting group not only lost weight, but significantly reduced their risk for cardiovascular diseases.

This is welcome news for someone who finds the idea of losing weight too daunting.

By starting with just small steps, experts say you can be well on your way to reaching your health goals.

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