New Clock Face On Church Damaged By Fire To Be Installed Thursday

Family Church Fredonia, Facebook Image.

FREDONIA – A church ravaged by fire last year will install a new face to its clock tower Thursday.

Earlier this month, Family Church Fredonia raised a new steeple just 14 months after a devastating fire destroyed the iconic clock tower.

Thursday morning, crews are scheduled to install a 7-inch face on the south side of the building, facing Barker Common. The clock will feature new backlit LED lighting.

Previously, the 100-year-old bell tower went up in flames on May 4, 2018, after a copper gutter blew off the Church, landing on a nearby transformer, causing fire.

Before the fire, the Village of Fredonia maintained ownership of the clocks based on a 1891 agreement. Church officials said the new clock will be owned and operated entirely by the church.

Officials said the new clock is covered under the church’s insurance policy. Although, the group is still seeking donations for several other repairs that have to be made.

During the 2018 fire, the interior of the building suffered heavy smoke and water damage as well. These improvements are estimated to cost more than $250,000.

So far a GoFundMe page has raised around $7,652.

Church officials said the best time to view the clock installation is early to mid-morning.

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