New Study Finds Retiring In Certain Locations May Help People Live Longer

ZUMA Press Photo.

WESTERN NEW YORK – The average American can expect to live about 78 years, depending on factors like income, race, overall health and region of the country, but we can change that according to a new study.

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which looked at nearly 70 million Medicare Beneficiaries from 1999-2014, found seniors who move to certain locations in retirement could add, or take off, years from their lives.

The study adjusted for things like education, homicide rates and overall health, and found moving to a higher-rated area after age 65 could lengthen someone’s life by more than a year.

The five best rated areas are all in New York and Florida, with Yonkers, New York taking the cake increasing life span an estimated 1.26 years.

Also in the top ten are Asheville and Wilmington, North Carolina, Bridgeport, Connecticut and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

According to the study, moving to Lake Charles, Louisiana could shorten an average senior’s life the most by 9 months.

Some big cities like Las Vegas and Salt Lake City also make the list for the lowering life expectancy.

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