Reed Says Work Of Problem Solvers Caucus Isn’t Easy

Congressman Tom Reed (R - NY 23) WNYNewsNow File Image.

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed has been consistent in toting the work accomplished by the Problem Solvers Caucus, of which he is a member.

Reed, however, said that the work isn’t easy to do due to what he describes as a “vocal minority.”

“It disrupts what has taken over Washington, DC., in regards to the partisan politicians, want to control everything,” Reed said. “They want to make sure that the extreme loud voice that represents the vocal minority is appeased or pandered to. They want to kind of tap that down, rather than do the hard work, in my humble opinion, of standing up to that voice and saying, ‘Look it, I appreciate the input, appreciate the influence you’re having on the agenda, but we are going to find a way to get 219 votes that are reflective of, I think, where the silent majority voice of America stands.'”

Reed’s comments came during a media conference Tuesday after WNYNewsNow asked about the degree of difficulty because of the outspoken members of Congress. The Corning native used a recent bill, which would prohibit horse soaring, as an example of Congress working together in a bipartisan manner.

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