Consumer Watch: Another Data Breach? What To Do If You Are Affected

Stock Photo: Pixabay

WASHINGTON – Safely securing your data online, it’s a problem that’s getting worse according to the Federal Trade Commission.

The latest data breach, targeted around 100 million Capital One customers in the U.S. and 6-million in Canada.

A 33-year-old female hacker from Seattle is now in custody, and the company says that it’s unlikely that the information was used for fraud. They also say that no credit card numbers or log-ins were compromised.

But, if you’re a Capital One Customer concerned that you may be affected, here’s what you should do:

First, check your email – the company notified its customers of the data breach.

They will offer free credit monitoring services for those who were affected.

Check your accounts – look at your statements for suspicious activity.

If you find something odd, you should freeze your card.

If you find suspicious activity, you can also freeze your credit. This ensures that no one will try to take a loan in your name.

It also means that no one can access your credit report. So if you apply for a loan, you’ll have to unfreeze your credit.

Once you get credit monitoring, you should turn on the notifications, so that all activity under your I.D. will be sent to your inbox.

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