Park Closed Due To Structural Issues Gets New Look

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – A downtown Jamestown park that was closed due to structural issues last week is getting a new temporary look.

Officials with the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation began to install a large aerial picture of Jamestown’s downtown on Monday at Potter’s Terrace, also known as AIDS Memorial Park or Wood Park.

Zach Agett, JRC’s Marketing and Events Manager, says the group is trying to make the best of the situation at hand. Several aerial shots of Jamestown submitted by local photographer Joe Gustafson for a previous contest in 2017 will be featured.

“We really like that shot and started playing with it and were like, ‘This is such a wide space. One picture is not going to do it,’ so, we talked to Joe, who was able to get us a night time one and daytime one to kind of round out the experience,” said Agett.

JRC officials said, over the past years, the deck has gone into decay. Recently, an architect found that several nuts and bolts holding the deck together have begun to rust. Officials were forced to close the park after fearing the deck may collapse into a basement cavity below.

Melita Ruth-Lyon, a Jamestown resident, said she used the park often for church events and would like to see the issues resolved.

“It would be nice to have some greenery,” said Ruth-Lyon. “The wooden structure was nice, something simple and rustic, doesn’t have to be fancy, similar to what it was I think would be well received.”

The park was originally dedicated as a memorial for AIDS victims. The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation said one of the biggest obstacles right now is to find funding to secure a future for the spot.

Agett said they are looking at options to relocate the AIDS memorial. The group will be holding a meeting soon to hear more feedback from the community.


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